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Teens can have a fun summer and still remain safe

May 23rd, 2016|0 Comments

Summer can be a special time for teens filled with camp, vacations, romance, summer jobs, boredom and lots of free time. For parents, however, summer vacation presents unique concerns that differ from those of the routine school year – how to manage ALL that free time and feel confident your teen is safe, while trying to maintain your own regular work and family responsibilities.

Impulsivity and risk-taking are natural parts of development in adolescence. Portions of the brain are expanding at lightening speed without yet achieving efficiency, leading to seemingly irrational thoughts and unchecked behaviors. Too much unmonitored and unstructured time can allow unhealthy creativity free reign.

Thankfully, parents who cultivate remote supervision and break up the boredom can increase the likelihood teens stay safe.  […]

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