About Us

Welcome to My Parenthetical. We are your facilitators – Libby, Grace, and Peter. We are a team that believes parenting, especially when your children start calling themselves teenagers, is not easy. However, it can be made easier with good communication and the know-how to handle different situations.

Being parents like you, we understand the struggles of your everyday life. We started this team the summer of 2003, when we met some parents who have their own stories to share about their lives. One of us is a struggling parent, and talking with different parents gave her a handful of ideas on how to make life manageable and less stressful. Imagine getting and learning a lot of information and lessons just through listening from others who experience the same things you do. That was how we came across with the idea of creating a site that serves as a communication board for all parents and teens anywhere across the continents.

Using a holistic approach, My Parenthetical strives to resolve the biggest issues in parenting. It is designed to provide parents a constructive site where they can share and read experiences about how to handle life problems and tips on different issues.

In this site, you can join freely and do a lot of things like:

  • Posting your stories: Be someone who can inspire others by sharing your personal experience regarding parenting and teenage dilemmas.
  • Reading blogs and articles about life: Have a chance to browse as many blog posts and articles as you want and get to know the stories of other parents or teenagers like you.
  • Communicating with parents and teens: Being a member of the site, you have the opportunity to chat, send message and even post a comment to the other members’ stories. Issues will be tackled well with the words of many experts.
  • Staying connected through a daily newsletter: We will provide you a daily newsletter on your email account as part of our service to you.