Looking for experts to offer useful advice? Talk with someone who faced the same experience and dilemma as you. We, the facilitators, also encountered challenges from being parents to teenagers. We can listen to your stories and offer some good advice to help you.

Grace Roy

Being a mother of 3 children and a loving wife to her husband, Grace Roy has also experienced many life struggles in different chapters of her life. She has been an Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teacher in California for 10 years. This jobh provides her a first-hand experience in teaching adults and out-of-school youths. Right now, she focuses on educating out-of-school youths.

Peter Diaz

A teacher in California, Peter Diaz has spent 18 years teaching college students the necessary things to survive in the society. He is a father of 2 teenagers, who teach him feel the challenge of being a parent towards two big boys. He is driven to help parents after having a chance to take care of his children for three years when his wife was away. Dealing with his teenage sons also motivates him to help other teenagers who suffer from things his sons had suffered.

Libby Araya

Libby Araya is currently a Guidance Counselor in California, LA. As someone who provides guidance and advice to individuals, she is familiar with the kind of approach to talk with teenagers and parents. She also experienced being a Psychology Teacher in a university in California. She is a mother and enjoys spending time with her daughter on her free time. Currently, being a guidance counselor inspires her to help and communicate with people, especially with struggling parents.